• Release: Breathing Deep | OATH001


Tom Harris, aka Hidden Spheres, first made his mark on the underground with his release ‘The Bloos’, on the legendary Detroit label Moods & Grooves. Continuing to deliver his incredible original studio productions on UK Labels Distant Hawaii, Lobster Theremin and Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section imprint.

Taking a break from his frequent NTS radio shows and his own record label ‘Fruit Merchant’, he now offers up a four track EP of collaborations with musicians from across the globe. Crafting a record that fuses influences from jungle to acid and afro-beat and many other stops along the way.

‘Breathing Deep’ lands on the A1, a collaboration with John Swift that brings a plethora of worldly percussion instruments, from tuned marimbas to live drum kit and live grooving conga rhythms. Pitched vocals and bright horn stabs contrast the meandering synth leads that run through this acidic blend of organic and synthetic sounds.

‘Tiamo’ features Contours for this trippy, off-kilter groove. Swelling synth chords and hypnotising triplet feels from the palate of live percussion rhythms. ‘Ruhani’ ft. Kubilay Yiğit, is teeming with afro-beat references. The live drums nod to Tony Allen’s genre defining playing while a wandering acid line leads the track through an exploration of underwater electro vs organic African drumming.

‘Believe’ ft. Theo Erskin closes the EP with skippy hip-hop influenced MPC style drum programming. Shuffling across with syncopated kicks, live saxophone improv and wobbling electric piano chords, this miniature jazz exploration proves Hidden Spheres is more than just a club producer.